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With a dusty timbre, hypnotic voice, and confessional lyrics, Arizona-born singer and songwriter Dylan Pratt resembles a traditional troubadour in the purest sense of the word, bouncing from place to place and collating his travels and experiences in song. That winding road carried him right to his full-length debut album, Limbo [Washington Square]. So much of his life had been in motion over the past few years, and the record reflects that journey in song.

Dylan took the first step on this journey at just 13-years-old back in the “Cowboy Town” of Cave Creek, AZ. Inspired by his musician father and a “cool friend who loved Led Zeppelin,” he quit baseball and picked up an acoustic guitar and began devouring records by everyone from Neil Young, Jackson Browne, and Etta James to Dawes and My Morning Jacket. His band In Symmetry became a Phoenix favorite, garnering a foothold in the city’s art scene.

Finishing high school, he moved Seattle, WA with high school musician friends to start the band Moya. The group saw local radio and gigging success, but Dylan eventually headed back to Arizona in 2011. He released his independent album Beg For Fire and played live alongside the likes of Neko Case, JD McPherson, Rhett Miller, Horse Feathers, and many more across the country. During a 2015 New York gig with McPherson, he caught the attention of Washington Square who quickly signed him.

Dylan returned to Seattle and devoted a month to writing what would become Limbo, but he wanted to do something a little different this time…

“On that last record I made, the songs were never intended to be played live, so we put a ton of sounds and bells and whistles on them,” he explains. “With this one, I wanted to do it with a limited arrangement. My idea was, ‘What can three people pull off live?’ It was really great to actually set a limitation for the record. It made the songs stronger.”

In order to cut the album’s eleven tracks, Dylan hit a Los Angeles studio with a personal favorite—producer Thom Monahan [Devendra Banhart, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Vetiver].

“Thom made some of my favorite records when I was in high school,” he smiles. “I couldn’t believe that he wanted to work with me. He had amazing ideas and really pushed me to the next level.”

The first single “Honest Kind of Luck” tempers a bluesy barroom clean guitar with soulful delivery and a powerful refrain. Elsewhere on the album, “Still” slides from delicate finger-picking into a heavenly plea. It’s an honest collection real and raw songs.

Ultimately, Dylan’s music will resound and resonate because it’s steeped in truth.

“I’d love for people to hear Limbo and relate their own lives into it,” he leaves off.






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